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Specification : UNIVERSAL BATTERY M48
Designed for the business professional
charging and powering mobile electronic devices compact in design and versatile in application.
Use the simple voltage wheel to select the connection to your laptop for power.
The 49-watt battery can run your laptop for up to 6 hours.
Use the USB port to power Charge all of your other electronic products
Like your cell phone, digital camera/ camcorder, MP3/iPod,PSP and more.
Recharge-It-All Battery in one.
Product : UNIVERSAL CAR Charger & Adapter
Specification : UNIVERSAL ADAPTER & Car Charger
Frequency Range 47-63(Hz)
Input Rated Current 1.0AMP
Input Rated Current 1.8AMP
Input Rated Current 1.8AMP,1.0Amp
Input Voltage AC100-240(V)
operation at input AC 100V to 240V 47-63Hz,
Output curren 4.5AMP(max) ,4.0Amp
output power 70,90,120 watt max
Output voltage DC12-24(V), DC15-24(V)
Output voltage DC15-24(V ), DC 12-24
functions:overload protection.Short Circuit Protection,
With 8PCS tip connection suit to almost Laptops
Product : LaCie 80 GB USB Hard Drive Designed by F.A. Porsche
Specification : LaCie 80 GB USB Hard Drive
Part NO# 300804
Data Storage Formatted Capacity -80 GB
Data Transfer Rate Maximum - 480 Mbps
Seek Time Average - 12 ms
Rotational Speed - 5400 rpm
Interface - 1 x Hi-Speed USB
Buffer -8 mb
Dimensions- (W x H x D) Unit 4.4" x 1.4" x 7.4"
Weight Unit - 2 lbs.
System Requirements - PC Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Windows ME, Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
Mac Apple MacOS 9.x, Apple MacOS X 10.x
Warranty - 1 Year Limited Warranty
Product : Wireless WPS Presentation System
Specification : P/N- WPS002
Wireless presentation…no more cable swapping
WPS is a plug-and-play device, which is easy to install and connect with
WPS is compatible to all kinds of projectors, using wire-line or wireless
Real time display for PowerPoint presentations
deliver real time video streaming for up to 1024x768 resolutions.
Supports display resolutions up to 1024x768
No installation CD required, software is directly downloaded from the device
Provide session security login and wireless WEP key to protect presentation
Conference control function is provided for the host to moderate a meeting
Provide friendly webbased user interface for easy configuration
Support FixIP & DHCP
Support Access Point, Hybrid modes

Product : BP 51
Specification : BP 51
Product : NP750
Specification : NP750
Product : FP50
Specification : FP50
Product : NB1L
Specification : NB2L
Product : NB2L
Specification : NB2L
Product : NP-FM50
Specification : NP-FM50
Product : NP-FM90
Specification : NP-FM90
Product : NP-FP50
Specification : NP-FP50
Product : NB4L
Specification : NB4L
Product : Universal Plug DSC Battery Charger
Specification : Universal Plug DSC Battery Charger
Product : Universal Plug One hour fast NiMH charger
Specification : Universal Plug One hour fast NiMH charger
Product : Muvo TX FM
Specification : Ultra light Digital Audio Player with FM radio
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