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Our main strength is our vast and exclusive product range. We are always in search of new products to fulfill ever increasing needs of our customers and modern lifestyles. Recently we launched a new product MP3 WATCH which can satisfy your passion for music anytime, anywhere. So we are always in search of something exclusive and new.


We Offer :-
1. Laptop Accessories :- Laptops are fast replacing desktops and will dominate the PC market in near future. We have vast range of laptop accessories which enables our customers to explore full potential of their laptops. Today we have positioned ourself as the leading supplier of quality laptop accessories. Our laptop accessories range includes Batteries, Adapters, USB Products, PCMCIA Products, Firewire Products, Memories, Hard disk drives, Bags, Alarms, Security cables, etc.

2. USB Products :- As USB technology became popular lots of external peripherals started coming using USB interface. USB Technology is the most dominant technology in external peripherals in current scenario. Our range of USB Products include USB Card Readers, USB IRDA Adapters, USB Ethernet, USB Slim FDD, USB Light, USB Fan, USB Travel Cam, Full range of USB Drive Enclosures (2.5”, 3.5”, 5.25”), USB Cables, USB Phone Chargers, USB Bluetooth, USB Portable Hard Disk Drives, USB Portable CD Rom Drives, USB Portable Combo Drives, USB Portable DVD Writers, etc.

3. Firewire Products :- Our range of Firewire products includes Firewire drive enclosures (2.5”, 3.5”, 5.25”), Firewire Portable Hard Disk Drives, Firewire Cables, etc.

4. PCMCIA Products :- PCMCIA Port is integral part of any laptop. Our range of PCMCIA Products includes PCMCIA to Serial Adapter, PCMCIA to USB 2.0 Adapter, PCMCIA to Firewire Adapter, PCMCIA to Ethernet Cards, PCMCIA Combo Cards, etc.

5. Memory Products :- Our range of Memory Products is vast. Memory being an integral part of any computer, we stock all types of memories used in Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Workstations, Printers and Routers. We have compatible memories for all major brands including IBM, COMPAQ, DELL, SONY, HP, TOSHIBA, ACER, etc. We have all kinds of memories including SD RAM, DDR, RD RAM, EDO, ECC, FPM, and our memories comes with life time warranty to give you complete peace of mind.

6. Flash Products :- We have Flash Memory products which are durable, compatible and guaranteed. Our Pen Drives are thrilling reviewers with its superb performance, powerful security features and convenience. Our range of Flash Products include Pen drives (also popularly known as Jetflashes), Pen drives with MP3 / FM Features, Compact Flash Cards, ATA Flash Cards, Multimedia Cards (MMC), Secure Digital Cards (SDC), Smart Media Cards (SMC), Memory Stick, IDE Flash Modules (DOM Drive), Reduced Size Multimedia Card, XD Picture Cards, etc.

7. Storage Products :- We continue to focus on adding a whole range of storage products with high quality performance. Those include Portable Hard Disk Drives (2.5” and 1.8”), Hard Disk Drives for Laptops, SCSSI Hard Disk Drives for servers, etc.

8. PCI Products :- Our range of PCI Products include PCI to USB+Firewire Combo Card, PCI 8 Port Serial Card, PCI Gigabit Card etc.

9. Wireless Products :- We have products for setting up a wireless LAN for a small office or home. Our wireless products include Wireless LAN PCI Card, PCMCIA Wireless Card, USB Wireless Card, Wireless Router with 4 port switches etc.

10. Cisco Router Cables & Adapters :- Our Cisco Cables include CAB-V35-MT/ CAB-SS-V35MT / CAB-V35-FC / CAB-SS-V35-FC / CAB-232-MT and many more.

11. Networking Products :- We have a print server by which you can share a printer with all network users. It connects directly to any network. We also have a ultimate network installer tool kit which includes Remote Cable Tester, Digital Multimedia, Dyno Electronic label mover, RJ45 Crinp cut tool, Impact Push Down Tool, Scissor and many more.

12. KVM Switches & Video Splitter :- Our range of KVM Switches & Video Splitters include 2 Port / 4 Port / 8 Port / 16 Port KVM Switches and 2 Port / 4 Port video splitters.

13. Other Products such as :-
a) Keyboard Mouse :- We have a presentation mouse which is perfect for use with projectors. We also have Roll Up Keyboard which rolls up for easy storage. We also have a 21 keys Keypad specifically very suitable for a laptop user.
b) Graphics Tablet :- This device combines all keyboard / mouse and pen functions into one integrated device. You can easily paint, draw, sign, mark up documents, send hand written email using this device.
c) CCD Barcode Scanner :- Our CCD Scanner has 60mm long range.
d) Docking Kits :- This enables use of alternate Hard Disks. It is ideal for users using hard drives at multiple locations. It is used with IDE 40 Pin and serial ATA HDD.
e) FAN Master :- This is a fan speed controller for up to 4 fans. It is a programmable temperature sensor and alarm for up to 4 points inside your system. The fan speed sensor / controller works with almost all brands of fans.
f) Cables & Convertors :- With the vision of entering into cables & controller market we started with a few types which include U2WSCSSI 320 Cable, Serial ATA 150 Cable, RS232 to RS422 / 485 converter, USB to Serial converter, USB Cables, Firewire Cables, etc.

As you can see above, our product range is vast and exclusive. We also devote great energy into developing a whole new line of products.